Did that really happen at the office ?


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It may be terrifying for those caught in the vortex between the old and the new way of work. Most professionals earned the right degrees, responded to the demands of their professions, learned the intricacies of their industries and were rewarded under the old system. It feels like a massive betrayal that an entire system is falling away. The truth is that the cube was moved in part by a new breed of professional. They are skilled and passionate global workers who want the freedom to choose the type of work, rather than choosing a job based on its proximity to their homes. Rather than being hindered by location, they are able to compete based on talent and passion. While most of us were sleeping, they unknowingly leveraged cloud and mobile technology and created the New World of Work. And it was their passion for work, rather than some indiscreet evil force, that c... (more)

Book Excerpt | The New World of Work: From the Cube to the Cloud

Thereʼs a popular childrenʼs book called Whereʼs Waldo, in which the lead character - with his signature red-and-white striped shirt and somewhat goofy expression - is obscured by various collections of people and things. Heʼs hidden, but in plain sight (if youʼll excuse the oxymoron) and itʼs the young readerʼs task to locate him in every illustration. By the end of the book, children become adept at locating the enigmatic Waldo in a glance. We can only hope that this instructional parable reminds us of how sometimes the simplest truth can be obstructed by our need to make things complex. And so it is with the new world of work. If you want to know where the jobs are, hereʼs a hint: Theyʼre in plain sight. You might call this new, adult game Whereʼs the Work. And the stakes couldnʼt be higher. The Case of the Disappearing Jobs - Or Not In listening to politicians a... (more)

Four Ways Technology Is Advancing Business By @FrankMakesSense | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Technology is advancing all around us. From our TVs that we use in our homes to the smart phones we ever so mindlessly use on a day-to-day basis, and they're becoming more and more connected to each other too. Technological advancement and connectivity are driving forces in businesses large and small; minimizing costs and effort, and maximizing productivity.  Here are just a few of the newest ways in which technology is advancing business. Information Storage Moore's Law states that processing speeds will double every two years, and that the number of transistors on an affordable CPU would also double every two years, but what if we moved away from transistors and advanced into memristors?  Originally envisioned by Leon Chua in 1971, the idea is that memristors would be able to store information, even with power loss. HP has announced that they plan to use this techn... (more)

Paradoxical High Unemployment and Qualified Candidate Shortage

Even with the Labor Department's announcement of over 163,000 jobs being added to payrolls in July, which is a very small step in the right direction, there is a high unemployment rate, and paradoxically, a qualified candidate shortage. Even with more than eight percent of the labor force being unemployed, and almost double that being underemployed, large companies still have trouble finding quality candidates for their open positions. Of course, each industry has been affected differently by the recession and the unemployment rate is not uniform along them. But, overall, most large companies in the fields of technology, medicine, retail, entertainment, finance, and insurance are having difficulty finding qualified candidates to fill job openings. The lack of quality talent leads to job openings not being filled for an extensive period of time and therefore greater l... (more)